Monday, October 28, 2013

mugs, beads, distraction and meaning

Distraction or meaning? I've been discussing this concept with people lately - and the consensus is that there is nothing wrong with distraction. I was arguing the angle that distraction is 'distraction from living a meaningful life'. But friends have posed the less extreme way of thinking that distraction is fun, and time out from stress. And that sometimes being distracted is a powerful way of stepping back from a problem and therefore seeing it more clearly.

With this is mind I have made myself more open to distracting activities over the last two weeks since my last post - exploring two wonderful projects. Both would be great shared with kids - but this time one was shared only with a friend. Getting out with my friends sans kids is a relative luxury these days, but I ran away last saturday and didn't come back until after dark!

My friend, Shimmer Brite and I went to one of those 'paint-your-own-pot' places.

My mug!!

Shimmer Brite's mug

Not just that I was away from my kids giggling and generally being silly with a buddy - but the creative process was such a wonderful relief for my overworked stressy brain. I became so absorbed in the activity that I wasn't thinking about anything else in my life. Although I have to admit putting paint to ceramic sent my perfectionist streak into apocalyptic melt down!

So we went for alcohol after...problem solved :-)

Just the thing to cure my raging anxiety...

I have promised the kids I will take them there in the holidays - cue another kind of stress...

The other creative activity I wanted to explore this week was hama beads. This kind of ticks every box for me in the creativity field - no particular skills or talent required, can finish a project in one sitting, and can get absorbed in the activity so as to be a distraction from daily stress. In addition it makes fun colourful little do-dads.
Tweenie snagged this for her room the second she saw it!

I'm currently working on a series of little birdies to hang from a ribbon by my kitchen window
based on a design I found on pinterest
So what's on for this week? ...expect hama bead instagram updates :-)

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Maxabella said...

Reading your post, I can't help but feel that distraction is the meaning of life. All those little 'projects' that women have done since the beginning of time are just so satisfying!!! x

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

I feel every moment is a meaningful moment... even the distracted ones. I love the creations you've shared here. Adorable.

Wishing you a lovely day Cate!