Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rainy days and lost blogs

So over the last week I've been taking daily photos in the lovely garden in my new house; some I've been sharing on instagram and some have just been sitting merrily on my phone. It's been a great exercise to slow right down and really notice the little details around my garden - the rain drops, the different colours, the old blooms and new buds. The few below that didn't make it onto instagram are actually my favourites from after a big rain the other day:

A very kind person asked me by email the other day what had happened to the rest of my blog - and to be honest it's just too painful for me to see at the moment. It's still in existence - I've just reverted all my old posts to draft for now. It does make me a bit sad to realise that I can't comfortably look over all those times with my family without associating it with my anorexia, but cest la vie. One day I will be able to separate my sadness about the eating disorder from the happy memories with my children - but not today. It's still too fresh. I'm still mourning in a way. Time heals all however.

So what's on for this week? I've been playing a lot (as usual) on pinterest - ahhhhh pinterest how I love you and your pretty ways - and pinning lots of cool hama bead photos. Who knew people could do such clever things with hama beads?! I actually think hama bead art looks quite therapeutic too (as long as the kids don't bump me - I foretell tears if that happens, lol!!). So watch this space for some hama therapy ;-)


Denyse Whelan. Ready.Set.School. said...

Hello! They are beautiful photos! Nothing like a rose and then with added drops! Woot! Cate, so pleased to see you here. Glad too, for changes in your life that are moving you forward . New house sounds like a plan! I completely "get" mourning" for the past - having a bit of that now as aging and irrelevance as a parent in particular is something I deal with. Mind you I also love the freedom to pursue work that I love and my newest hobby of art journalling. Love to you D

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

I have My Favourite Things stuck in my head now (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...).

I'm so glad you're on this healing journey. You need to do what will help you heal.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.