Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 - My Buy Nothing New Year

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That's a seriously big challenge - I hear you say ;-)

And to confess I was very nearly tripped up on day 2 by some very pretty (and bargain!) canisters which I was mentally arranging in my kitchen before I caught myself and ran from the store for safety!

And it's now the end of day 9 and I'm still going strong. I have bought myself a pair of 3/4 jeans, a pair of denim shorts, a skirt and a belt (all from country town church oppys) - and all for the total princely sum of $9. So I've restocked my summer wardrobe, bought nothing new and saved money.

Which is actually the perfect example of the 3-fold reason I want to give this challenge a go:

1. Conscientious Consumerism
Firstly I want to take a really good look at my spending habits and work at becoming a more conscientious consumer. Why waste resources the earth can't afford to waste on something that has already been made. Additionally I want to instil in the minds of my children that we should not carelessly just dispose of things. And we do not constantly need more.

2. Simplify
This last statement brings me neatly to my 2nd reason; to simplify my life. I have found it increasingly difficult to keep on top of all the STUFF. The living room had become so overwhelmed by toys etc that I could no longer face tidying it. The folding pile had become a lucky dip for what-to-wear each day because we all just have so many clothes. We do not need everything we have and we certainly do not need more. In fact to help out with having too much already I filled 6 garbage bags with all the children's toys - except dressups, their xmas presents, and their very favourite toys - and put them into the cupboards in the laundry. The children know nothing has been thrown away, so they are calm. And I can tidy the living room every night, so I am calm. Our clothes are next in my cross-hairs.

3. Save
The 3rd point to this challenge for me is to save money. This is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to save money. And I want to save money in order to travel. I want to buy experiences for my family - not more possessions.

from pinterest

In other New Years news, I have come-up with a word to set the tone in my mind for how I wish to view 2014: balance.
This word came to me out of the blue, and is so perfect. Balance in consumerism. Balance in spending. Work-life balance. Emotional balance.

I'm so in love with this word I may even get a tightrope walker tattoo :-)

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Jackie K said...

Three excellent reasons to do this. I'm going to do what you did with the bagging up of toys- excellent idea.